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Our mission is simple: Produce smiles, Reduce pollution,

An E.V. For Everyone

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We are proud members of the Canadian Electric Bike Assocation (C.E.B.A.) and Our technicians are certified through and by them. We offer sales and service of all personal Light Electric Vehicles (L.E.V.s). Although we have a strong emphasis on E-Bicycles, we have an extensive selection of E-Scooters, E-Boards, E-Mopeds, E-Motorcycles, E-ATVs and especially unique E-Mobility Vehicles,
Our Electric Equals approach means we are here to service the entire LEV community, regardless of brand or purchasing method.  While some shops and direct to consumer models opt for a replacement rather than remedy, we approach everything with a fix first philosophy, to keep your costs low and to further our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. In the event of the need for part replacement, with our direct partnerships with manufacturers and distributers, they can be quickly acquired.

Largest Selection 14+ Brands

We are about as far away from the Singular one Brand shop or ecommerce platform, as we can get. We have a large selection of Accessories, and With our "Best in Class" philosophy, we welcome you to come, ride and experience the industries top Brands and the Models that made them. We encourage you find your fit and pride ourselves on having almost every model available for test rides. We are proud to be exclusive dealers for top Canadian and award winning brands Surface 604, ENVO,QuebecTrivel, Ebikepros, Daymak, Ebike Pros, Taubik , Cherry Ebikes, Toys for Boys, and Tao Motors
With Top International Brands like Michael Blast, QuietKat, Fuel, Eunorau, Vtuvia, Go-Board and One-Wheel. we have carefully curated our catalog with quality and  unique solutions in electric mobility, with "an EV for Everyone" philosophy

Lowest prices, options to pay

Going electric is great but not if it breaks the bank... We pride ourselves on not only having the largest selection but the best pricing in the region. We understand that the most restrictive part in our plight for "an EV for everyone" is the cost. With 20km ranges, we have LEV solutions like scooters starting at $499. We also understand that sometimes our needs also can exceed our budget. With this in mind we have secured financing partnerships with Paybright, Lendcare, and National Powersports Financing. Responding to our plight, all three lenders offer our clients the same: no down-payment and no payment due for 30days.
Now taking trade ins!!!
Do you have a quality bicycle at home? Making a jump to electric to extend your ride? Good news, We have partnered with CyclingAvenue.com. Cycling Avenue provide a bluebook value for a vast selection of bikes of all kinds,  Bottom line, we have creative options to ensure we can offer an EV for Everyone.


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We live the life we promote, and we use the products we sell. Whether it be through sponsorship of youth teams, maintaining the safety and cleanliness at our adopted park Chelsey Green, or our Electric Equals service philosophy we are here at service to our community. We have seen first hand, the physical and mental benefits that ebiking can bring. Electric bicycles, and trikes are fantastic for rehabilitation, increasing strength and energy, and bring uplift to mental states. Getting you out and about is our goal. With options for assisted movement and or fully powered movement, we are sure we have "an EV for Everyone"

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We are optimistic, everyday riders that believe that personal Light Electric Vehicles (L.E.V.s) are the solution to reducing inner city congestion and the path towards a greener, more sustainable future. In a world where retail stores diminish and online purchasing prospers, we believe that some things have to be experienced, touched, sized, before buying. Once you have ridden a couple of different bikes, we are sure you will think the same way. We are not only physically unique, but unique in our abilities, wants, needs, and purpose. It is for that reason, we have carefully curated the largest selections of Electric bicycles in the region. Whether you are looking for compact, foldable, city cruisers, mountain or even hunting bikes, We welcome you to come down and tell us what E-Motion these rides evoke in you.

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Micheal Tamasi

I am so pumped with the purchase of my new e-bicycle from E-Motion.  Talk about customer service, William has been outstanding.  He has been patient with my questions, responsive to my emails, and accommodating to my needs and timelines.  The bike is incredible and I am very thankful to have forged a consumer relationship with such a personable and knowledgeable business owner.  Highly recommended electric bike shop!


Chelsey Smith

Such an enjoyable experience purchasing my first e bike, he made me feel very comfortable and was very knowledgeable of his merchandise. Very glad I went with this store. would highly recommend anyone who is considering purchasing one to go down to e-motion on Adelaide and commissioners.


Muhammad Usman

Delivered as promised. Excellent friendly customer service. Make customers feel comfortable. Response within a day or next day for the phone calls. Professional and knowledgeable about their products and services. Biggest thing I loved about this place is "Test Drives" are allowed on floor models, and that really makes a difference when individuals want to select their ride for purchse; not like other bike shops. Love their complimentary T-Shirt with my fast fat tire ebike. Recommended!!


Randy Yeo

I ride one of their bikes I got a few months ago. Great bike and if I ever have an issue they are happy to help. Get in there, even if it is just for a test drive. But be careful. That is what I did and I ended up riding a new bike home. Not sorry.

Popular Products

A2 the Classic

CA$ 2,350.00 CAD
CA$ 2,599.00 CAD

The Velec A2 electric bike is equipped with a smooth and powerful 350W motor to let you ride comfortably and with confidence. Several battery choices available to you depending on the desired autonomy. Designed in Canada.


Blackburn Rover

CA$ 2,499.00 CAD
CA$ 2,899.00 CAD

A commuter's dream! The security of 6061 aluminum step-through frame, with the luxury of full-suspension front forks. Ergonomic grips and wrist position allow for maximum comfort during your ride. The Blackburn will have you taking the trails to work.


22' Werk

CA$ 3,399.00 CAD
CA$ 3,499.00 CAD

The Werk is a comprehensive do it all commuter that comes with extended rear rack and extra-large front rack. This slick, agile bike lets you ride at a comfortable position without breaking a sweat. Its highly technical, sleek and super strong hydroformed aluminum frame will give you a feeling of a luxurious and smooth riding experience.


They say you should be judged by the company you keep