about us


Be it a long journey, a short commute or purely recreational, we have a fun, clean (and sometimes dirty) personal electric vehicle to suit your needs. We live the life we promote, and we use the products we sell.  

Whether it be through sponsorship of youth teams, maintaining the safety and cleanliness at our adopted park Chelsey Green, or our Electric Equals service philosophy, we are committed to Green and the Green lifestyle ;).  

We truly believe that light electric vehicles are part of the solution towards a cleaner,  greener tomorrow.  We aim to produce smiles and reduce pollution.

Our Sale Philosophy

With our "Best in class" philosophy we welcome you to come and experience top brands and the models that made them.We also have a wide selection of accessories and parts to personalize your ride.  

An active Member of the Canadian Electric Bike Association, We Showcase and are proud Dealers of Velec, T4B, Michael Blast, Euronau, Ebikes Pro, and Daymak.  With Surface 604, and Quietkat on the way, we are sure we have an EV for everyone.


Our Electric Equals approach means we are here to service the entire E-bike community, regardless of brand or purchasing method.

Through partnerships with manufactures and distributers, we have access to many parts for many suppliers.  Due to current conditions, Servicing of vehicles can be arranged.  Please email info@e-motionevs.com